Best Tools you need to grow your YouTube channel.

YouTube SEO Tools Good people who watch YouTube consume over a billion hours every day. That’s why Google-owned YouTube became the second-largest search engine on the Internet in no time.

list of the top 10 YouTube SEO tools you need to grow your YouTube channel.

youtube seo tools

That is why optimizing video content is essential to classify and access the audience on YouTube. Fortunately, many of the rules for traditional SEO are similar. Pay attention to the correct keywords: highly searched, rarely used. Stay on top of recent trends, analyze your competition, etc. In doing so, you’d better deliver videos and their corresponding text-based content (title, metadata, description, etc.) that engages viewers and keeps them watching (something the YouTube algorithm likes).

YouTube SEO Tools

Not only will I show you the top 18 ways to grow your YouTube channel, but I’ll also leave you with a list of the top 10 YouTube SEO tools you need to grow your YouTube channel.

1.Canva: Use Canva to easily create free YouTube thumbnails with free templates and designs.

2.Keyword tool: useKeyword tool to help you find specific keywords that are ranked on Google and YouTube so you can optimize your content for SEO.

3. VidIQ – YouTube’s analytical tools to help you reach your goals and learn what you need to improve your channel.

4. TubeBuddy : This is YouTuber’s best friend, it helps you optimize your daily YouTube workflow as well as edit and manage your content in bulk.

5. Social Blade: Social Blade provides access to data-driven YouTube ranking and analysis, not only for your YouTube channel but for others as well.

6. Bitly: You will use this tool a lot to share your YouTube video links. Bitly helps you take a long URL and make it a short and simple link.

7. Google Analytics: YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics form a powerful duo when it comes to tracking your YouTube and website metrics to see the results of all your promotions and actions.

9. Camtasia: Use this app for professional screen and video editing when you need it most.

10. Social media management tools: Use social media management tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to better manage and promote your YouTube channel and videos on social media.

With video streaming services and social media platforms reporting high amounts of traffic, videos are moving slowly but surely as the most popular form of online content. Furthermore, they are made more accessible by the widespread use of mobile devices and the increasing average speed of Internet connectivity.

Look no further than sites like Twitch and YouTube to understand how powerful videos can be to keep people glued to your screens. In fact, according to YouTube, US residents. USA Ages 18-34 watch more videos on mobile devices than on any TV broadcast or cable network.

With this in mind, performing video optimization has never been as important as it is today. To get more eyes watching your videos, you should do your best to make sure that people can find your videos online and that they choose to watch your video through the vast competition group, something that was covered in YouTube SEO.

Getting noticed on YouTube can be quite a daunting challenge, but in this post, we’ve rounded up some of the best tools that can help you optimize your YouTube videos for SEO.

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