Grow your channel with a YouTube SEO agency

There are over 5 billion videos on YouTube. As a content creator, you’ll want to know: how to get more views on YouTube, how to showcase your videos, and how to grow your audience.

No matter what your video content is about, we’ll help you with your YouTube video marketing with white hat SEO strategies and proven techniques.

youtube seo agency

Our video SEO and YouTube marketing services

The majority of people we talk to about video search engine optimization ask us, “How can I improve my YouTube channel.” Here is a video showing how we helped two of our clients optimize their YouTube channels to increase their organic views.

Our video SEO services include: off page link building, custom thumbnail creation, social sharing enhancement, optimization, descriptions, video titles, tags and more.

Get more organic views with our YouTube SEO Agency Over 1.9 billion users log into YouTube every month. The number of channels earning 6 digits on YouTube is increasing by 40% per year. We will give you greater visibility on YouTube.

We will improve the ranking of your videos with our YouTube SEO services Fully optimized videos will allow you to grow your YouTube channel faster. Our video SEO company will help you:

    Increase viewing time

    Gain more subscribers

    Earn more income

    Get more engagement

    Achieve higher organic rankings

    Appear in the “Video suggestions” recommendations

Maximize your return on investment with YouTube video SEO

You want to create powerful videos. To achieve this, you need to strike the right balance between optimizing videos for YouTube’s search algorithm and user experience. Our video marketing services are designed to deliver a return on investment.


We won’t just increase your visibility. We are results driven. We know you need conversions. You can expect us to:

-optimize your channel’s about page with your email address and links to your product / service pages.

– Include links to your products / services in your descriptions.

-include strong calls to action on each video.

-implementation of maps and end screens.

Click rate

Our video search engine optimization will increase your number of clicks without using a clickbait by:

-Carry out a complete keyword research

-Optimization of video titles with strategic search terms

-Creation of powerful thumbnails


Impressions are the number of times your video thumbnails are shown on YouTube.

Our YouTube experts will analyze what made your top performing videos perform so well. We’ll also take a look at how your thumbnails stand out against other videos rated for the same keywords. We will organize your videos in playlists to improve visibility.


Views are an important measure of how popular a video is. SEO marketing can help.

We’ll rank your videos so they get more impressions and optimize them for more clicks and views. We then show you how to share your content via social networks.

To do this, we will research the competitors and examine the needs of your target audience.

Check the time

Watch time is an important metric, especially if you want your channel to monetize.

We’ll advise you on the various things you could do to increase your viewing time, including using end cards, playlists that schedule posts to come out at an optimal time, and more.

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO, as the name suggests, is optimizing your videos to rank higher on YouTube’s search engine. Before learning how to do YouTube SEO, let’s first get acquainted with YouTube SERPs.

The YouTube SERP, similar to the Google SERP, shows ads at the top followed by organic results. YouTube SEO is all about ranking our videos at the top of the organic results. But to learn how to optimize for the YouTube search engine, we also need to understand how the YouTube algorithm works.

YouTube algorithm

According to the YouTube Creator Academy, this is how the YouTube search algorithm works:

As is clear from the image above, there are two important aspects of the YouTube algorithm:

1. Relevant and well-optimized video content, descriptions and titles.

2. User Engagement – If your videos get more likes and views, YouTube algorithms consider this as a signal to rank your videos higher in YouTube SERP.

YouTube SEO factors

1. YouTube keyword research

2. YouTube titles and descriptions

3. Make engaging videos

4. Eye-catching miniatures

5. Use keywords as you speak

6. Optimize your channel page

7. Optimize your playlists

8. Use closed captions

9. Use a keyword in your file name

10. Make use of YouTube stories and posts.

What is a YouTube SEO strategy?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ever-changing practice of designing web content to drive ranking factors to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). Since search is often the gateway to your content, optimizing your website for search is necessary to drive traffic and increase your following.

YouTube SEO involves optimizing your channel, playlists, metadata, description, and the videos themselves. You can optimize your videos for search both on and off YouTube.

A key component of a YouTube SEO strategy is harnessing the power of your video’s text in the form of transcripts, captions, and subtitles.

View time

Viewing time, as you can imagine, is very important. Watch time refers to the actual time spent watching a video (not the percentage of view). So for example, the 50% completion of a 10 minute video will rank above the 100% completion of a three minute video. It is important to hook the viewer in the first 15 seconds with a trailer. If your video describes how to make a DIY project, show the viewer the finished product at the beginning to pique their interest. You want to avoid having a long presentation without speaking.

Session display time

Session viewing time is another important measure of user engagement. YouTube values ​​how a video contributes to a user’s overall viewing session. Did the viewer leave the site after the video or did they watch three more videos? YouTube wants people to spend more time on its platform and therefore favor videos that help them achieve that goal. Although it may seem counterintuitive, videos that are designed to attract users to your website will hurt your SEO, because they drive viewers away from YouTube.

User intent

Google can read your mind. Ok, not quite, but Google understands what search engines mean. For example, if you searched for “how to get more views on YouTube”, you would be shown a video called “how to grow without views and without subscribers”. When creating a title for your videos, be sure to write something engaging and relevant. You may be tempted to use the title as your title with your most searched phrase or term, but don’t. Instead, answer the user’s question in your title and add the search term to the description. Trust us, Google knows.

Growing subscriber base

Subscribers can generate a large amount of watch time during the first week your video is published. The more you can amplify user experience and engagement in the first seven days, the better. It might be a good idea to post on a regular schedule so your subscribers know when to expect a new video and can make sure to watch it.

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