How to promote music video in 2021

How to promote music video in 2021

It should go without saying, but above all, making great music should be your main goal. You can take all of these tips to the letter, but if your track, EP, or album isn’t well written, instrumentally tight, and professionally produced, you’ll hit the first hurdle.

How to promote music video in 2021

Now that that’s no longer the case, let’s take a look at the best ways to independently promote your music in the modern music landscape because music video promotion is very important for music artists.

Create a website and mailing list

Building a professional and stylish website as the basis of your online presence is vital, but perhaps even more important is building a large, dedicated email list.

Your website should obviously include links to your music video, bios, images, and tour dates, but be sure to include a mailing list registration form as well. Email marketing provides direct access to the inboxes of the people most likely to interact with your music.

If a fan gives you their email address, that means they want to hear from you, and a message straight to their inbox about your latest release or next tour is much more likely to reach them than. ‘a social message that can be restricted by a platform. limited scope.

Develop an engaging social presence

The promotional power of social media is great. It is essential to develop and maintain a cohesive, interesting and engaging presence on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and even less obvious platforms like Snapchat. Also, try to keep the handles on your profile consistent to make it easier for people looking for you online.

There is an insurmountable amount of advice on how to manage your social channels, and things are constantly changing on every platform. Check out some of these helpful resources for more information on how to manage and get the most out of your social media presence.

Get a playlist

You can’t afford to ignore the streaming and playlist. Playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and other platforms reach hundreds of millions of listeners across the globe, racking up billions of streams. Getting your song into a popular playlist can help you rack up thousands of streams. It is not only great notoriety but also royalty income in your pocket.

While placing your music on curated playlists is great for brand awareness and credibility, being placed on algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly can make a big difference in the number of your streams. So it’s worth looking for all the possibilities.

Get press and blog coverage

If your music is featured in music publications, whether they are mainstream magazines or specialty blogs and webzines, these locations can help you build up the hype and give you the information you need to advance your music career.

Hiring a professional PR manager to manage your campaign is usually the best way to get good coverage. But that’s not always affordable or possible for a new artist on a budget.

Do-it-yourself PR is an option for artists without a sufficient budget. But it is important to approach the blogger and the journalist in the right way. First, you will need to create an electronic press release. This should contain all the essential information about you and your music. The resources below offer tips for musicians looking to get started with public relations.

Music Videos

A thrilling, interesting and original music video has the potential to go viral online, even if the track is not a success.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to creating a video for your latest release. Think about the kind of videos from acts like OK GO and Childish Gambino that have exploded thanks to online traction. They have something unique and intriguing about them, whether it’s a deeper underlying message or an offbeat theme.

You might want to develop a standard video clip or visuals based on live performance – which is perfectly fine. But investing thought, time, and effort into your videos has the potential to reap huge rewards.

Surround yourself with a strong team

You might prefer the lone wolf approach to promoting your music, but there can be huge benefits in surrounding yourself with a large team of like-minded people. If you have a team of well connected people who are passionate about your music and working for your benefit, then it stands to reason that your chances of success will increase.

If you can put together a team of friends who will help you for free or for a potential income reduction, great! But sometimes you will need to hire the services of professionals to give you the edge in the competitive music market. Whether it’s a PR person, a radio plugger, or a promoter / booker, there’s nothing wrong with accepting help.

It is also a good idea to offer yourself a great manager. Again, make sure they are passionate about your music and believe in you as an artist. A manager who goes beyond your expectations is worth his or her weight in gold.

Know your audience and focus on your niche

Where and to whom you market your music can make all the difference. Thriving musical subcultures exist in every corner of the world, some huge and sprawling, some small and dedicated. Finding, knowing and exploiting your musical niche is the key to your promotional campaign.

It might sound obvious (and it should be), but if you’re a metal band, play metal venues, join a metal community, and gain metal fans. If you are a rapper, find rap rooms, join rap communities, and gain rap fans. Etc.

But niches are not always defined by genre. If your music has a more widespread appeal, start locally. People generally want to see an artist in their area succeed. Take advantage of this mentality and grow your fan base near you before expanding nationally or even globally.

Play live often and make an impact

Obviously, it’s much more difficult in the days of Covid-19, but concerts and tours provide an invaluable way to connect with fans. Book at nearby venues, play awesome sets for local music fans, and you’ll quickly develop a new fan base. But remember, you have to make them remember you, so be memorable.

Once you’ve built a local audience, you can hit the road and take on new music scenes city by city or even country by country. If that sounds too simple and streamlined, that’s because it is. Touring and playing concerts night after night is hard work, but if you’ve got a killer live show the rewards will speak for themselves.

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