Create your YouTube video in 2019 with precision

We know it is not easy to gain massive engagement through YouTube videos, but if you will focus on the right keyword and get on the point then you will definitely going to rank on the top. So, here are some points on which you need to focus while making YouTube Videos in 2019 –

youtube video seo

Please note that making a quality video is a big start of YouTube SEO

  • SAY your target keywords – To rank your YouTube video on the top in 2019, you must use your keyword verbally as well. It has been proved that the more you will use your keyword verbally; your video will get more chance to rank on the top.
  • Length is strength – The length of the content matters a lot on website ranking, no matter whether it is a blog or video. Longer videos have more chances to rank at the top because people always look for informative content. Viewers tend to watch videos for a longer time if they will find your video informative than they will watch it till the end. It is the best way to gain viewers engagement; however, there is no perfect video length but min. 10 minutes videos are considered to see a better result.
  • HD quality – Nobody likes to watch the poor quality video, so make sure that you are using the best quality camera to make your video. Your video quality will make the biggest difference and make sure that your camera setting is set right.
  • Get to the point – Just to make your video lengthy, don’t stretch it by adding unnecessary content or pauses. Understand your goal, so you can make a video on the point without losing the viewer’s interest.
  • Cards – If you haven’t heard about cards, the cards are the small informative button which you can find on any YouTube video channel. This button can be linked to other related videos, poll, associated website, donations or other YouTube channels. These cards are mobile friendly and you can add them in YouTube’s video manager.

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