How to grow your business with YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO Tips

YouTube is one of the most popular sites in the present era. YouTube has brought out some really good community in the present world. People on YouTube are famous just like big celebrities. If YouTube is that much useful, then even you should use it to grow your business.

youtube seo tips

Before moving forward, let me tell you about some of the facts of video marketing.

  • It has been found that videos allow almost a growth of 200% in click-through rate
  • Videos can add up a better understanding of the customers, which allows building a better relationship
  • Most of the company focus on video marketing for a better capital
  • People generally tends to remember the information to see and hear rather than the information they read

Now let us see how we can optimize our YouTube videos to attract more customers by improving the SEO ranking.

Below are the some youtube seo tips for you

How to do Keyword Research for YouTube SEO

At the very first instance, you need to see which topic you will be working on. While deciding the keyword, make sure it is already present on the first page of Google video results. For example, the keyword “Content Strategy” won’t be available in the search video result of Google. Mostly videos related to keywords like “how-to”, “reviews”, “tutorials”, “fitness”, and “entertainment” are found in the videos search result.

You can use Keyword Planner while choosing your keyword. Just make sure the keyword result is more than 300 searches per month.

Creation of the Video

After you have decided the keyword, the next step is to create the video. Since there are already a great number of competitors, hence you much never compromise with the quality of your video.

While preparing your video, make sure you focus on the three attributes.

  • Content: – Make your content more catchy and simple, so the viewers can connect with it.
  • Editing: – Once you got a great story for your video, you need to focus on the editing portion. The real magic of audio and video is hidden behind the secret of editing.
  • Idea: – Even before you start shooting your video, you need to have a clear idea about what your video is going to impose and how the idea is going to be showcased to the audience.

Analytics of YouTube

YouTube uses the following criteria to rank your video. The following criteria are as follows.

  • Video Duration: – The longer the people watch your video, the better rank it will obtain.
  • Comment: – Rank of the video also depends on the number of comments people have done. It generally shows the engagement of video to the audience.
  • Rate of Subscription: – The rate of subscription after the video is watched show the popularity of the video. It also allows the video to gain a better rank in the community.


Whenever you upload your video in the YouTube, make sure you add the focus keyword in the video tag or the filename of the video. Such practices allow you to optimize your video on YouTube in the best possible way.

Title of the Video

Make sure the title of your video is sufficient enough to allow you to add your keyword in the title. For example, if your keyword is “advanced SEO”, then your title can be like “Advanced SEO method for your videos”. Always remember to include your keyword in the title for a better possible way for optimization.


Always remember to add a short description of what your video is going to offer. This allows a better understanding of the viewers and also helps them to get connected with the context of the video.

Some other points which should be remembered are as follows.

  • Include tags in your video
  • Encourage people to like, comment, share, and subscribe
  • Promote your video through multiple social media campaign


Videos play a high role while building your business. The following tactics mentioned above can help you to achieve a better rank in the video community.

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