Video engagement is the most important part of video SEO says YouTube SEO Expert

This may come as a surprise, but the most important part of YouTube SEO is NOT your keywords.

Yes. They are NOT keywords. So what’s the most important part of ranking your videos on YouTube?

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It is engagement.

I’m going to share three secrets about engagement and how you can use that to skyrocket your sales and subscribers, and build a whole business from your YouTube channel.

1. You need people to click on your videos.

That is the first secret: plain and simple. You need to create thumbnails and titles that not only contain your keywords, but also attract people who want more information. Check out my video on how to grow your YouTube channel. It has a title that explains the topic AND a thumbnail that creates an open loop. Have you never heard of an open circuit? I will explain more in the next secret.

This is important because all of the most successful channels on YouTube have increased their audience not only through vlogs and personality worship, but also through the creation of perennial content that makes people want to click.

2. Once people click and start looking, you should hook them in the first 15 seconds.

YouTube is very democratic, so if people are a little bored with your video, they can click on another video. You have to have a strategy to get people’s attention. I like to use a formula: hook, history and offer. I also use open loops. This means mocking or suggesting what I’m going to talk about later, keeping you tuned to see what it’s all about.

3. You must make them stay throughout the video.

The basic ways to retain viewers is to educate, train, and entertain them. The best videos make all three! You have to give them what they came to learn, give them the tools to do it, and hopefully entertain them along the way.

YouTube transformed the way many used the web and consumed content. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube has more than a billion users, almost a third of all Internet users (source). But getting noticed on this channel requires much more than simply posting videos. In this video, I will share some of the best YouTube SEO optimization practices that you can use to make your videos noticed.

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