Do you know the Youtube Ranking Factors?

If you are a YouTuber or a blogger who also is looking for keeping a footstep on the youtube world, then this article is written for you. If you are either of the two, you must be looking for ranking your videos on youtube. The whole world is behind that. All are trying hard and using different strategies to rank their videos on top of the youtube search and get identified by the viewers.

Youtube Ranking Factors

Why Rank the Videos on First Place?

Who doesn’t want to rank their videos? Of course, everyone does. When your videos are ranking on top of the search result, then only people will click your video and watch it. Then only you will get more viewers, more subscribers, more likes, more audience engagement and that will generate a good income for you- that is only your ultimate goal, right? 

Now, let’s discover a few youtube ranking factors that can bring your videos on top of the search results.

Fix your Niche First

Don’t just keep making random videos and expect to get viewers. People will get annoyed, the ones who subscribe to your channel. Decide upon some particular category/niche on whichever niche you think that you can make the best videos or you are very much interested in.  If you do so and keep publishing more and more videos on the same topic, you will soon get a fixed audience of like-minded people who will love to follow your channel. This will give you a fixed viewer base, and your watch time will increase with a high viewer retention rate.

Create Viewer Engaging Video

Creating a descriptive video that engages the viewers is also equally important and one of the most essential youtube ranking factors. When you make such videos that have in-depth information about the topic,  people will likely to get engaged with your videos. They will watch your videos regularly and sometimes you might find them eagerly waiting for your new videos. Youtube can track this audience’s behavior easily. They will feel to rank your videos on top of the search result and will tend to show ads on your channel. At the end of the day, YouTube wants business and they want to show the commercial ads on those videos that have good user engagement and a high user retention rate, more towards a 100%

A Catchy Title with an Attractive Thumbnail

I personally feel that this one is the easiest way to rank your videos. Just make a video with ” okay content ” and ” okay quality ” but make the thumbnail very attractive and appealing. That’s it, your job is done. Sometimes, a very normal video with a great thumbnail can even go viral. It has so much power in it. But don’t forget to give an appropriate title that matches the thumbnail. Choose the title according to the keyword searches. There are so many ways to find the best keywords for your videos.

Organic Keyword Research

You can use some of the paid tools to find the best keywords for your videos. Ahref, Moz, Semrush, Spyfu, and some more paid tools are available which can play a vital role in the youtube ranking factors for your videos. You can also type something on the youtube search bar and get exact keywords/keyphrases that people organically search for on youtube.