What is the Cost of YouTube Promotion ?

YouTube Promotion Cost

About 3 million daily active users spent at least an hour daily watching videos on YouTube. Since the community is so big that to make your video the top one from a list of thousand, you have to invest some amount regarding the promotion. This cost can be managed by using different advertisement methods. Some of the YouTube promotion ways are skippable video ads, unskippable video ads, overlay ads, and many more. Some of them are mentioned below:

Ways to promote YouTube video:

  • Display Ads

This advertisement appears on the right of the video and comes on top in the video suggestions list. These types of advertisements are less popular among the advertisers; this is because they do not come in between the viewers watch. These act as an alternative to the Google advertisements if we see it in the competitive sphere. You need to pay 3 cents per view for this.

  • Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are the ones which are used when a message is to be given. They are very short advertisements usually of about 6 seconds. These are not skippable videos which the viewers are to watch before the beginning of the video. This YouTube promotion is effective as the audience also watch the entire video without being impatient. YouTube promotion cost for these bumper ads are applied by impressions; that means you are charged by cost per thousand impressions.

  • Target Video Ads

There is always a specific target audience for any kind of content, be it a video or a write-up. In this kind of advertisement, you are supposed to choose your target audience. According to this, you can cut down the number of people to whom your video ad will be shown. This way you can also cut down your promotion cost. However, you need to make sure that you choose the correct options from the target bar.

  • Create your Ads

Another way of promotion is to make your own advertisement. However, you need to make sure that the video advertisement looks professional and is made properly. This is because the audience will not be willing to watch a shabby and disoriented video, they will skip it. Creation of video ads can cost as less as $5000 for some business’ but sometimes the YouTube promotion cost for these may go up to   $10, 000. Even after incurring this high cost, sometimes the advertisements are not up to the mark and not professional enough.


With the number of agencies providing promotion facilities, it has now become much easier to promote your videos. Due to this high competition among these agencies, there are chances that your YouTube promotion cost may go down. However, it is not always so because YouTube users are putting in great effort to make a video. Hence, they do not hesitate to spend a little extra to promote your video.