Best Youtube Optimization for your channel

Youtube is the best platform to promote your business with various video marketing strategies and also to earn money through Google AdSense and affiliate links. This platform has a personal search bar. You will be surprised to know that Youtube is currently the second biggest search engine after Google. Youtube helps in promoting and advertising products and services of a company or of an individual. It is the best platform to advertise.

Youtube Optimization

Optimizing and ranking a video on YouTube is a challenging task. There are millions of videos available on Youtube which are uploaded on different channels and they deal with a similar topic. Only some of them will rank on top of the search result. So, the video makers need to deal with some major challenges to optimize their video on YouTube in this competitive market and rank it on top.

Facts to Remember While Uploading a Video

First, you need to know very well that you can’t upload a video of poor quality. When the viewer’s find this video a junk then it is unhealthy for the video in the long run. People will start commenting bad and the video will be deleted automatically from the site. So here are some tips that help to make a good quality video, the most important factor to concentrate on and how to optimize the video so that it ranks on the Youtube search.

Elements you need for YouTube Optimization

●      Good Sound Quality

The sound quality of a video matters more than the video. Users can adjust with average picture quality, but they don’t have the patience for poor sound.

Although the professional YouTubers make wonderful videos, there are also many of the videos uploaded to YouTube which are disgusting, and the viewer’s show their disappointment in the comment section.

●      Good Content

Youtube optimization needs a good theme for a video. A perfect plan is a matter to concentrate on. There is a pattern of viewers. The first 15 seconds is very crucial, this few seconds must play the key role of the video. Viewers get attracted to the video if they find meaningful things within those 15 seconds. So all over planning a video from start to end is an important thing to pool the viewer and get them hooked on to the video.

●      Nice Visual Effects

A good visual plays another key role in YouTube optimization. Good picture quality with a good sound makes a good impact on the video. The picture of the video should be clear and clean so that the viewers can see all the details that you want to show. The video shooting should be from the correct angle. Looping the unwanted background can help to make a good picturization. 

●      Keyword Research

 Keywords play a crucial role in online visual content getting found in the search result. Make sure the target keyword emerges in the title to increase visibility. Also, the keywords sprinkle in both the Meta and Tags of the videos. The YouTube v’loggers needs to pay attention to the using of specific keywords on their videos.

●      Subtitle and Closed Caption

Subtitle and closed caption is very important to reach more viewers. The combination of visual, subtitle, and closed captions helps many differently able people to get in touch with the videos and understand the content. The subtitles and closed captions also attract viewers to stay longer and watch the full video in various places such as a noisy or quiet environment. The captions help in SEO, the captions work as the keywords and tags and provide a better search result.

●      Video Title

The title of the videos should be related to the thumbnail and the keyword that people search the most. Include the keyword in the title and make the title attractive. If the title is attractive, you will definitely get good clicks on your videos.