Why is my YouTube channel growing slow? A few tips by YouTube SEO Expert.

You really are doing really well. I took a look at your channel and you’re covering almost every foundation when it comes to optimizing your YouTube channel.

youtube growth

YouTube cards

I watched some of your videos and you should use YouTube cards to try to get people to see more of your videos.

Video descriptions

Their descriptions may be more descriptive. YouTube offers you 5,000 characters, which means you can create a mini blog post. While YouTube is vastly improving in understanding the content of a video, it still relies heavily on key metadata.

• Titles

• Descriptions

• Labels

• Category

You’re using the right tags based on your videos, so that’s a good thing. Your category is correct. I’m also a YouTuber who makes How-To videos and I always wonder if the How or Education category is the best. I have checked other YouTubers and it is mixed.

His introductions are good and his video and audio quality is on point. You are using end screens so that it is covered.

More content

You only have 27 videos, which means you are minimizing your discoverability. Your videos are really well done. I recommend that you create even more content so you can feed the beast.

Its longest video is just over 16 minutes, which for the user may be excellent, but for YouTube, the playing time is important. You may want to experiment with longer content that is around 30 minutes or more. Many developers do this, which increases the playing time, which as I mentioned, is the most important YouTubes ranking factor.

Finding the right balance for the length of your video is not easy, but I definitely recommend that you create some longer videos.


You already have some, so that’s fine. But create more and fill it with your best content. You must seed your channel with all the basic videos covered by the developers and they are considered the ever green videos.

• HTML basics

• CSS basics

• JavaScript basics

• etc.

Those are some of the tutorials that people are looking for, so the more you believe, the more likely they are to be discovered. So the goal is to use your YouTube cards, end screens, and playlists to keep people on your channel.

Their website

You already have a website, so it’s covered. You should include a section where you show your videos by embedding them and include a blog post about the video. This will help drive traffic to your videos from your website.

Self promotion

There are plenty of creators out there, so you need to make sure you can break all the noise and get caught. Share your videos everywhere while still adding value to the network you are on. Never leave a link and say hello, watch my video, that doesn’t provide value.


You may want to consider collaborating with another YouTuber in order to reach a new audience.


These are not affiliate links, I just recommend them so you can get more information on how to optimize your channel

• YouTube TubeBuddy Premier Channel Management Toolkit

• vidIQ | More views, less time.

I am currently using both and they provide a lot of data and information

My final thoughts

I can definitely see your channel grow and with what seems like a lot of effort you put into creating your videos, your channel could become one of the access channels in your niche. Just create more videos and be sure to fully optimize each video for maximum exposure and retention.

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