Video SEO marketing for your business

Video SEO marketing

One of the most popular medium for promotion and brand awareness is through video. In the present era, YouTube has been the most popular video community. We all have our smartphone which consists of really good picture capture capability, hence allowing videos creation cheaper.

 video seo marketing

Almost every single organization is stepping into the field of video marketing, hence just to stand out of the crowd you need to have a better video SEO marketing tactics.

Here you will learn about the principles and tactics for better video SEO marketing.

  • Mobile Optimization

Mobile phones have made every task comfortable. Now we do not have to sit in front of our desktop to perform any task, it can simply be done in through our smartphone. Since in the present time websites are other stuff is mostly accessed by mobile phones, hence your videos need to be eligible for mobile devices. Make sure that the video you are developing is easily accessed through mobile phones.

  • Meta Description

Adding a Meta description for your video allows performing better video marketing. Meta description helps videos to rank properly through the associated keyword by analyzing the title and description. Meta description helps search engines to understand the concept of the video and what message it is trying to deliver.

  • Video Sitemap

Sitemaps allow the search engine to understand which part of the website contains the videos. It also gives a brief idea of a particular page which focuses on a particular topic.

  • Sharing Videos

Sharing your videos on Facebook and other social media platforms allow the audience to have an engagement with your post. You can also add the backlinks through which your audience can be directed to your website, which allows having larger traffic for your website.

  • Add video on your website

Apart from adding your videos only on YouTube and other platforms, you can also add your videos on the website. It will have a better combination along with the words. Adding videos along with the written content allows the customer to choose viewers their kind of interest. Since some prefer reading while some watching, hence you can have both the materials for your audience. It also helps in dealing with the bounce rate.

  • Transcribing the video

Since search engines cannot read the videos, hence adding video transcription allows the platform to understand the concept and idea of the video. It helps search platforms to rank your video accurtely.

  • Creative Thumbnail

Your thumbnail should give the idea of what the audience will get after watching the video. It allows your audience to stay connected with the video since they will already have the idea of what they will be received by the end of the video. Since it is the very first thing that a user is going to see, hence make sure that it is attractive and that it does not give any false expectation to the audience.

  • Length of the video

Make sure you are covering the whole concept with a certain period. Making a video of some couple of hours is going to make your audience discourage regarding the video. Try to cover the idea within a minimum amount of time and make the video simple so that everyone can understand.