How to rank YouTube videos in 2020

How to quickly rank YouTube videos in 2020

YouTube SEO is the best process for optimizing videos, channels and playlists for high rankings in organic YouTube search. The best part of YouTube SEO is that you don’t need to have a popular channel to rank your # 1 video. The only thing you need is to provide good content in order to engage viewers.

rank YouTube videos

In this article, learn how to quickly classify YouTube videos by following these steps.

Rank YouTube Videos

1. YouTube keyword research

Keyword optimization is an important part of YouTube SEO. First, generate a list of keywords using SEO tools like Google Trend or LSI Graph. Once the list of keywords is ready, choose the best keyword from the list and make sure it is uncompetitive and a long tail keyword. This will help you to easily rank youtube videos and generate more traffic.

2. Optimize the title of the video

The keyword plays an important role in the title of the video. When we are looking for videos, the first thing we are looking for is the title and it often determines whether the viewer clicks on your video or not, so the title should not only be compelling but also clear and precise.

3. Optimizing the description of the video

According to Google, the channel description limit for YouTube videos is the maximum length of 1000 characters. When writing the description, be sure to include keywords in the first 160 words, as both YouTube and Google use this meta description in their search results. So write these lines wisely as these lines will determine whether the viewer wants to watch your video or not. Also, don’t forget to add important timestamps and links other than the summary in the description.

4. Mark your video

Tagging is one of the best SEO features offered by YouTube. Using subject-relevant tags and popular keywords helps viewers know what the video is about. This is a great opportunity to use the LSI keywords associated with your focus keyword. Don’t use too many tags; just limit the tags to 10–12.

5. Encourage viewers to subscribe

The subscriber is an essential part of YouTube. This is one of the factors used by the YouTube algorithm to rank a video. Liking and commenting is only a one-time action while subscribing means that people will regularly see your content. For YouTube Search, this is a huge factor that reflects the amount of value you provide. The subscriber is not only important in ranking, but also important in enabling eligibility for YouTube monetization, because in the end, the ultimate goal of optimizing YouTube is to make money.

6. Promote your video

Once you’ve uploaded a video, you need to promote your video in order to get more views. You can create a video playlist with similar content on YouTube, which helps gain visibility with more viewers who identify with your audience. Some of the other strategies you can use to promote video are Quora, forums, and other question and answer sites. Share it on social media. You can even embed your video in a blog post or guest post. These strategies get huge traffic and views on the videos.

So, these are some of the effective ways that help to quickly rank YouTube videos. Whatever SEO techniques you use, the key to a successful YouTube channel is good content.