How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast with YouTube SEO Expert?

I know all of you here are waiting to know the strategies behind ranking your videos at the earliest on the top of the YouTube search results. So the question here is

How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast

How fast you can rank your video(s)?

See, there is no certain limit on how fast you can rank your videos on YouTube. Sometimes you can even rank them within a day, and sometimes it may even take months. There are various methods which you can follow in regard to this matter. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Tricks on How to Rank YouTube Videos fast

·         Make Videos of the Upcoming/Current Events

 It’s a wise decision to make videos for events to rank your YouTube videos fast. The upcoming events that take place are always in demand.  They are the videos people search for the most. You may consider making event videos, the event that is going to take place in the coming future and that are highly demanding. For example, just imagine tomorrow there is a FIFA World Cup Final and the people across the world are eagerly waiting for it. At this moment,  you make a video on that particular topic giving several important information about that with some important statistics, and with your sheer luck, the video goes viral. Amazing stuff! In one day, you can expect so many viewers, that you can’t even imagine for your other videos throughout the year! That’s the best thing about making event-related videos.

·         Share the Videos on Multiple Platforms

Social Media is a great platform for sharing youtube videos. Join social groups that are related to the niche you are making the videos for. Now, write an attractive post there and share your video link that is relevant to the post. That’s all. You will get so much traffic that you can’t even imagine. And we know,  as we get good traffic youtube will definitely put our video on top of youtube and google search engine. If you are a new Youtuber and wondering ways how to rank Youtube videos fast, then you can start with just making regular videos and sharing them on different platforms. This will soon bring some good amount of traffic. It will also reflect the ranking of your videos in a positive manner.

·         Insert Video Links in Newsletters and emails

Increase your network, get connected with more and more people,  keep sharing newsletters and emails that you publish regularly. Along with the newsletter, just add a link of your video. This way, you will definitely add-up new viewers and new subscribers. And the same story goes here, more viewer’s means higher rankings.

·         Use Keyword Tags and Video Description

Don’t forget to add a lengthy description of your video. Use relevant keywords in the description and also add Keyword Tags which will help in showing your video in the search result. You can also provide links of your other videos that are relevant to the current video. People will definitely visit those videos too by clicking those links in the description box.

·         Ask for Comments, Likes, Subscriptions, and to hit the Bell Icon for New Video Notifications

When you get likes, comments, and subscriptions, youtube will think that your videos are creating a good connection with the viewers and making them engaged with your videos. This is exactly what youtube wants from the YouTubers- to make the viewer’s more and more engaged and spend more time on youtube, so that they can show the commercial ads to them. If you help youtube in doing so, definitely youtube will also rank your videos on top for sure. 

I hope the points mentioned above gave you an idea about how to rank Youtube videos fast. I hope to discuss more on this sometime later once again. 

Finally, to conclude I would like to say that make more and more videos on a regular basis, as that is the main criteria to become a successful Youtuber. And also share those videos as much as possible.  But, if your video is good and people like it, they will only share it. So, make good videos, that are the key to success.