How to Optimize YouTube Videos?

With the increasing content on the internet, the need for marketing and promotion has increased today like never before. As marketing is a new thing that has come up, marketing agencies understood that there was much more to be done than just putting out content in there. It was then that the need for optimization of YouTube videos came into the picture. Now, this has become a really important part of the promotion strategies, in fact, the most important part. We need to take care of some steps when optimizing the YouTube videos. Some of them are as follows:

How to Optimize YouTube Videos?
  • Name the video using proper keywords:

The first step is to identify the keywords for your content. The way we optimize the written content, in the same way, we are to optimize the YouTube videos as well. Make sure that the keywords are mentioned in the first two to three words of the title. This will help optimize YouTube video by proper management of SEO optimization.

  • Optimization of video description

The character limit for YouTube video description is 1000 characters. The thing that is to be kept in mind is that the audience is not here to read. YouTube also displays only two to three lines of the description. The audience rarely reads the entire description of the YouTube video. Hence, putting the keywords at the beginning of the description is a good way to optimize YouTube videos.

  • Use keywords to tag your videos

The Creator Academy suggests that YouTube videos should be tagged with keywords. This helps to inform your audience about the content that you have posted. Not only had this but it also helped YouTube to get to know about your content and video. However, you must be careful of using irrelevant tags because YouTube penalizes you for that. Use a mix of the common keywords like ‘how-to’, ‘how do I’, etc.

  • Categorize your YouTube Video

Use this feature available in YouTube’s advance setting. Categorizing again helps your audience to know about what your content is about. It reaches all those people who are looking for that category videos. This is another simple way to optimize your YouTube video. When you categorize your videos it automatically goes in the list of that particular category. Thus, making your video reachable to all the people who are looking for those particular category videos.

  • Use a creative thumbnail

Thumbnail is one of the most important things that attract the viewers towards your video. It automatically tends viewers to stop at your video when they are surfing through their YouTube screens. A colorful and creative thumbnail helps in a great way to optimize your YouTube video. According to statistics, YouTube videos with customized thumbnails attract more people or audience than the automatic thumbnail by YouTube.


These are some of the easiest and simple tips to optimize YouTube videos. SEO optimization is the best way to get more viewers to your videos. To get more and more audience to your channel and your video you need to follow the correct steps that help you optimize your YouTube videos.

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