Trending videos on YouTube means that the video has gained a lot of interest from viewers, thus they are not personalized. The list of trending videos remains the same for all the users in a country. This list is however updated in every 15 minutes.

How to make a video trend on YouTube

How to make a video trend on YouTube?

There are hundreds of videos that are posted every minute on YouTube. However, there is a limit to the trending list. Various algorithms need to be fulfilled to get your video in the community. Some of the necessary things that are to be taken care of to get your video trending are:

  • The video is attracting and is appealing to a large number of people
  • It is not misleading or sensational
  • It must showcase and present what is happening on YouTube and in the real world
  • The content must be innovative and unique
  • It must present the diversity of creators

There are also many consideration signals. YouTube videos are about the ‘watch time’ they get. Watch time is not only about for how long the video has been watched, but it also involves various elements like the number of views, duration of the views, the number and frequency of uploads, number of starting the session, number of these session durations, and many more. The algorithm also includes how many new viewers you bring to YouTube, for how long do the people you bring in stay on your channel, and a much more.

Some of the most effective ways to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements are as follow:

Get your subscribers to view the video quickly :

The best way is to get a large number of views in the first three days after the video has been posted. This can be done if you have a contact with your subscribers which allow them to know that you have uploaded a video.

Make engaging video :

When your videos are engaging, they will have longer views. To get longer views you should make sure that your topic is interesting enough to hold back the audience’ interest.

Get people from other sites to YouTube :

Refer people to your channel in a wide range. Let your page be the start of the session for people on YouTube, it brings income for YouTube and in return promotes those channels that bring in more audience.

Don’t experiment too much :

Just like a good video can boost up your channel, in the same way, a bad video or a new type of content which is different from what you usually post can damage the reputation of your channel.

Optimize what shows up in recommendations:

Make sure that the thumbnails are colorful, vibrant, and attractive. Also, the title of the video should be interesting enough to lure the audience to develop an interest to watch.


Making a video trend on YouTube helps you to give a great boost to your business. The above tactics were some of the major elements that must be taken care if you want your video to be on the trending list.

Some other tricks are to put up a good description, be consistent with your content, promote on various social media platforms, collaborate with other famous YouTube channels, be real and understand your audience. These principles will add a great way to making your video trending.

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