How effective is YouTube SEO in order to rank up faster?

YouTube SEO Process

The YouTube referral process begins with researching video keywords. You need to create a catalog of keyword ideas. Try to search for the best keyword in your catalog.

In particular, you want to target low competition keywords. You should also find your keyword in Google. Since the majority of keywords come from You Tube Platform, some keywords even help you rank on Google.

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Always make sure that the target keyword receives at least 100 to 1,000 searches per month in Google. You can search for this detail using Google Keyword Planner.

In addition, an interesting and interesting video will engage your audience on You Tube. You Tube is a platform that depends on audience retention, so you need to focus on collecting video comments, subscribers, video shares, click-through rates, etc.

In addition, longer videos are more likely to rank. During video optimization, make sure that the title and description of the video are created correctly with the appropriate keyword, as they are essential for better SEO.

After doing some research and learning from several other SEO experts, I found the top three most important factors to plan for when planning your next YouTube video:

Video CTR (click-through rate): How many people click on it from the search? How does the title, description and thumbnail of your video compare to the competition for its keyword ranking?

Audience retention: what proportion of your video does the average viewer watch? Do you keep them engaged?

Duration of the session: after watching your video, how long does your audience stay on YouTube?

And although these statistics are not under the direct control of the video creator, there is a list of “best practices” to apply in order to optimize these three important factors.

1. Video CTR (click-through rate): optimize to reach new audiences

The CTR of a YouTube video is the number of clicks on a video, by the number of impressions displayed on the site, in other words, the number of people who see your video and who actually click on it.

There are only three simple variables that affect the CTR of each video that you can change:

Video title: Make sure your main target keyword is included in your YouTube video title, ideally towards the front half.

Video thumbnail: Create a personalized thumbnail for each YouTube video. Use large text, maintain consistency in your channel’s video thumbnails

Video description: the first 125 characters of the video description will be included in his YouTube impressions with the title and thumbnail.

2. Audience retention: Produce videos to help your audience reach the next 15 seconds

Audience retention is the amount of video the average viewer watches – as a percentage of the entire video. Audience retention is based solely on the clarity, captivation and value of the video itself.

3. Duration of the viewing session: “We reward videos that keep people on YouTube” – YouTube

YouTube likes content that keeps viewers engaged on the platform longer. The total viewing time can significantly improve the authority and promotion of channels, while the session monitoring time more directly affects specific video rankings. Videos with a long session viewing time are also often populated in the suggested videos.

There are best practices that can increase both the session and the total viewing time on a channel. You need to focus on three main areas:

Playlists: Playlists can be searched, sorted and found in the same way as videos, and videos can be added to multiple playlists without penalty for the video.

Video Duration: Produce long videos to increase the total viewing time. A 10-minute video watched for five minutes will benefit the channel’s reputation more than a five-minute video watched for four minutes.

End screen elements: Always include YouTube end screen elements on all videos to give your audience an intuitive next step in continuing to consume your content.

They are the only feedback loop that counts for both the video creators and the YouTube algorithm.

Here are some ideas for effective YouTube SEO.

• Keyword Research – Keyword research is an imperative part of YouTube SEO on the grounds that it is directly identified with your video and what people watch on YouTube is identified with the subject of your video.

• Video title – Your video title should be in English and it should just be the slogan is if it is conceivable, well you can also include a few words after the keyword in the title of your video.

• Video description – This is the very important part of YouTube SEO.

• Best tags – There is a tag segment in the timeline segment of your YouTube video. To do this, you just need to put the best tags for YouTube videos.

• Speak keywords in the video – Try to say the title of your video in your video if possible, this will help you in your YouTube video SEO.

• Save time watching on video – Currently, this is the main part of YouTube SEO, because everything means that I have said so far, I can follow anyone, but this progression is something else , in truth, this progression is not within your reach, but it rests on your viewers.

• Add subtitles and CC – Including captions and CC.

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