How does YouTube calculate its views?

Well let me point out that it is now 2019 and YouTube has drastically changed its algorithm.

How does YouTube calculate its views?

For example, back then you could have applied for the monetization feature if you only had 10,000 views. But now, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to apply for monetization.

So YouTube has changed and so has Viewing count metrics.

You can no longer expect a ranking increase simply with 5000 views. Because YouTube is now focused on the quality of your visits received rather than the quantity.

Now back to your question: How does YouTube calculate your views?

Well, when you upload a new video and people start watching it, YouTube automatically starts counting those views.

But if someone just clicks on your video and leaves it in just a few seconds, then YouTube won’t count that as a view.

Instead, YouTube will interpret that perhaps you are using a misleading thumbnail and title like clickbait, so as punishment, your video will be added to the bad YouTube book.

So those days of “quick” views are gone. Now you need high-retention, and of course, high-audience views.

So if you have a YouTube channel and you want it to be successful, then start creating awesome videos that people would love to watch all the way through.

And most importantly, start promoting those videos on the internet so that you can get enough views to increase your ranking.

Remember, YouTube is now full of thousands of channels and videos, so you can’t upload a video and expect to get hundreds of automatic views.

Now you have to promote your videos, and there is no other alternative.

So start promoting your videos.

Or you can just outsource this task to a trustworthy website like #InstantViews

They have large networks and exchange groups where they incentivize people to give quality views to their clients’ videos.

So if you don’t have the time and skills to do the promotion yourself, use your money to do it on your behalf.

But please don’t skip the promotion. Or your videos, no matter how amazing they are, will not generate views at all.

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